Super NoEscape

Developer: PrismaPixel Studios
Rating: E for Everyone
Release Date: Currently in beta
Platform(s): Android
Price: Free

The "not-so-sequel" follow up to PrismaPixel Studios' 2017 release NoEscape, Super NoEscape is a retro-style space shooter where you control a spaceship in enemy territory. Blast your way to freedom as you collect coins and power-ups to help you along your way in this arcade shoot 'em up.

Use the coins you collect to purchase new extra lives, extra missiles, and better blasters in the Store. Blaze a path of destruction as you earn achievements and rule the leaderboards.


Endless Levels

We told you. There is no escape.

Super NoEscape features endless levels that get progressively harder the farther along you go. Learn the mechanics of the game in Level 1 with only wall sections to blast through. Each level after that adds more enemies and obstacles.


Leaderboards & Achievements

Show the world just how good you are.

Super NoEscape currenlty features 13 leaderboards to rule and nine achievements to unlock. Leaderboards range from high scores to enemies killed. Unlock achievements by completing various tasks such as destroying 2,500 wall sections.


Power Ups & Weapons

Power Ups and Weapons spawn randomly throughout the game. Some can be purchased in the game's store

Bubble Shield

The Bubble Shield increases the amount of damage your ship can take. The shield depletes with each hit the ship takes.

Coin Magnet

The Coin Magnet temporarily makes coins come to you, easily allowing you to collect entire groups of coins quickly.

Magic Potion

The Magic Potion will make your ship larger or smaller for a limited amount of time. The larger ship doesn't take damage. The smaller ship can maneuver around obstacles easier.


Various types of blasters are available throughout the game, including the "spray" blaster pictured above.

Extra Missiles

Missiles are a useful weapon as they destroy everything in their blast radius. You begin each game with three missiles and more can be collected as you play.

Extra Lives

Each game begins with three lives. Extra Lives can be collected as you play or for each 500 coins you collect.

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